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This Blog exposes corrupt judges in Australia.

Corrupt Judges Australia
exposes the collusion of the Australian Government and Judiciary.

Chief Justice Tom Bathurst is as corrupt as former chief justice J Spigelman

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By their actions both sides pervert the course of justice, and have denied access to LAW for many Australians. 

In my own experiences former Chief Justice Spigelman appointed currently serving Army reservist Justice Brereton to cover up the massive fraud and incidences of murder and torture occuring in Australian Defence and intelligence.

Newly appointed Chief Justice Tom Bathurst is aware of these corrupt Judicial actions and has become part of them.  SEE YOU TUBE VIDEO

Justice Brereton wrote in his judgement the plaintiff was totally delusional, a human being of no worth who had never achieved anything in his life, had never worked, and would never achieve anything in the future. 

Justice Brereton further wrote in his judgement, with no evidence to back his claims, the plaintiff had stolen $400,000. 

Attempts were then made to have the plaintiff silenced completely by falsely incarcerating him in a mental asylum. 

After destroying the plaintiff financially and psychologically Justice Brereton has now changed his original judgment in Sharpless Vs. McKibbin.

Former Chief Justice Spigelman and successive Australian governments have colluded to destroy LAW in Australia to protect their own financial and corrupt dealings.

Judicial and government corruption, continues to be  easily hidden from Australians. People exposing these atrocities are silenced, ruined and in some instances murdered. Self regulatory governing bodies, like the NSW Judicial commission, Ombudsman, NSW Legal Services Commissioner and Attorney Generals department, review into defence bullying, and Australian politicians including Prime Minister Julia Gillard all remain silent. 

Australia has a new Chief Justice in NSW. Chief Justice Tom Bathurst has been appointed.
Corrupt former Chief Justice Spigelman resigned  with no adequate explanation for his early departure.
Question: Will Chief Justice Bathurst take action in these circumstances ?
Answer: NO. He continues to cover up the criminal activity of the profession he leads. Chief Justice Tom Bathurst is also head of the NSW Judicial Commission. ALL complaints concerning criminal judicial activity are silenced. This silence is protected by all sides of politics in Australia.
Former Chief Justice Spigelman and successive Australian governments have colluded to destroy LAW in Australia to protect their own financial and corrupt dealings. Will new Chief Justice Tom Bathurst bring an end to this corruption ?

Answer: NO

Surely no Australian Judge who colludes to cover up the murders of Australians and aid the Australian government should continue to hold a public office as Justice Brereton continues to do.

Former Chief Justice Spigelman has resigned.

Army reservist Justice Brereton has covered up the torture and murders of many Australians BUT remains on the Supreme Court Bench.
When will Chief Justice Tom Bathurst remove Justice Brereton ?

The book 'Spook Justice' is the accumulative research and experiences of more then 20 years.

Jewish Judge, J J Spigelman survived the holocaust to create his own holocaust of injustice as Chief Justice of the NSW Supreme court. Spigelman organised and sold judgements, perverted the course of justice, assisted murderers now wanted by Interpol.

Australian Governments have benefited from former Chief Justice Spigelman's corruption.

NOW the Book
Based on a true story
Spook Justice by Paul Sharpless

Spook Justice exposes the judicial corruption of Chief Justice Spigelman.

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Spook Justice was published in January 2011. Chief Justice Spigelman announced his intention of resignation on 18 March 2011. 

Based on a true story Spook Justice reveals the real state of Australian politics and the biggest fraud perpetrated on Australians.

Over 20 years of research.

Chief Justice Spigelman (pictured below) destroyed LAW in Australia and the way people overseas view LAW in Australia.

The killing of Australian intelligence officer Merv Jenkins by an Australian politician is but one example-
covered-up by Chief Justice Spigelman, Justice Brereton and Australian government

Sydney University gave corrupt Judge Spigelman Honorary Degree for corrupt services to the Legal community.
Vice-Chancellor Dr Michael Spence agrees with decision.

Corrupt Judges - Australia was initially commenced after Chief justice James Spigelman corruptly interferred in the court selection process in the legal matter of Sharpless vs McKibbin. Conspiring with Justice Paul Le Gay Brereton and members of Australian Defence, Spigelman and Brereton perverted the course of justice to assist sociopath, murderer and former Australian Intelligence Deputy Director, Commander Paul McKibbin. The two Judges also covered up the exposed government corruption Plaintiff Sharpless gave in evidence during the eight day court hearing.

Justice Brereton knowingly and grossly lied and deceived 121 times in his 41 page, double spaced judgement.

Justice Brereton did not refer at all to the many attempts made to murder the plaintiff nor other criminal acts the plaintiff was subjected too by defendant Commander Paul McKibbin, McKibbins friends in Australian Defence and his work colleagues in various intelligence agencies.

The appointment of highly regarded Sydney Barrister Tom Bathurst by the NSW government is great news.

The New Chief Justice Tom Bathurst was quick to state two of his main priorities was the challenge of technology and legal access to justice.

Mr Bathurst said it was important that judges make judgements based on LAW and not based on their personal prejudices nor political persuasions.

In his aftermath Chief Justice Spigelman and the Judges he presided over leave many innocent victims wondering what if anything can and will be done.

As former victims of corrupt Judicial injustice we can only initially support Tom Bathurst in his appointment. Hopefully history will record Chief Justice Tom Bathurst as overseeing a golden period returning NSW and Australia to LAW.

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Federal Attorney General Robert McClelland remains silent concerning the corrupt collusion of Judges and government to cover-up atrocities and illegality.
Corrupt cover-ups of Chief Justice Spigelman

Spigelman asked to talk on Judicial misconduct - at World Wide conference

Australias Most corrupt Judge opens NSW History Week 2009 

Sydney Morning Herald assists corrupt Chief Justice

NSW Judicial Commission operates protection racket for corrupt judges.
Contact Ernie Schmatt on 02 9299 4421, Executive officer of Judicial Commission for details

Complaint against Chief Justice Spigelman - corruptly dismissed
Complaint against Justice Brereton - corruptly dismissed
Complaint against Justice Hamilton - corruptly dismissed

Federal Attorney General Robert McClelland has repetitively remained silent concerning judicial corruption.
Email sent on October 2, 2009

NSW Attorney General John Hatzistergos
Remains silent on Corrupt Judges in NSWHuman Rights Commission - Australia
Does not and cannot intervene against corrupt Judges.
Federal Attorney General Robert McClelland
Increases powers of Chief Justices rather then deal with complaints on corruption.

Fight against organised Judicial corruption in Australia. - This affects the world.  
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Chief Justice James Spigelman remains in power. Democracy and justice has been destroyed in Australia whilst James Spigelman remains Chief justice. PM Kevin Rudd seeks a place on the security council. BUT Australians have no bill of Human rights.

The Rule of Law Institute of Australia has Chief Justice Spigelman as it's patron.

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