Sunday, October 11, 2009

This Blog exposes corrupt judges in Australia.

Corrupt Judges Australia

Update: Australia Day 2015

"If you steal a million dollars from the government you have a problem. If you steal hundreds of millions the government has the problem and they will cover it up."             RAN Commander Paul McKibbin  : government career criminal / psychopath 

Commander Paul McKibbin held many positions in his Australian Defence career besides siphoning millions from military projects. He was an intelligence analyst, a senior signatory for the Defence materiel organisation whilst holding tri-service and intelligence roles including for the Collins class submarines and whilst Deputy Director or JORN. 

Whilst Commander McKibbin avoided all live action overseas he is provided with full Veterans Affairs benefits, full TPI etc normally only provided to service people who have been in combat zones.

Commander McKibbin corruptly operated in the dark shadowy non-accountable regions of Australian government defence intelligence siphoning billions of taxpayer dollars into a myriad of false service / inventory costings and payments. Many people benefited from the taxpayer funded fraud.  

McKibbin also created an alias Ronald Brian Anthony Rochester many years ago. The name is registered on the Australian Electoral rolls at Pearce Avenue Newington and used for undeclared money in UK tax havens. The name Rochester is significant to the McKibbin clan. Commander McKibbins parents lived in Rochester USA for several years and also held non declared money in overseas accounts having worked in diplomatic postings, treasury and finance. 

To-date Commander Paul McKibbin has been able to avoid all scrutiny with help from senior members of the NSW judiciary assisting him and subsequently perverting the course of justice in doing so. 

Special mention: 
former Chief Justice Spigelman, 
Army reservist Justice Paul Brereton 
current Chief Justice Tom Bathurst 
His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd) 
former Chief of Defence Angus Houston (named as a Knight in the Australia day honors list today.)

Whilst chief of defence, General Peter Cosgrove personally intervened to silence all information on the activities of Commander Paul McKibbin. This included personally writing and signing a letter to me concerning my request for FOI info. All info was denied.

Recently i wrote to His Excellency GG Cosgrove reminding him of his previous assistance to Commander McKibbin, which resulted in perverting the course of justice.  
Reply arrived: "I regret to advise that the Governor-General cannot become involved in matters that have been, or may come before a court." Stephen Murtagh Deputy Official Secretary to the Governor-General

Cosgrove has stared down a royal commission into defence abuse and corruption. He is also staring down the siphoning of taxpayer money from defence projects. 

Taking the high ground and stating the GG cannot become involved, when he was already involved, is akin to immunity from prosecution. The GG assisted Commander McKibbin to have immunity from prosecution for his illegal activity.   

Chief Defence investigator David Haddock also interviewed me for more than 2 hours concerning these and more serious defence issues. The interview was recorded. David Haddock did nothing. I am aware David Haddock publicly covers up defence issues but privately tells even complete strangers he investigates allot of criminal activity by Defence and does nothing,

As chief of Defence at the time Angus Houston perverted the course of Justice requesting the NSW Judiciary protect Commander Paul McKibbin. Chief Justice Spigelman and other judges gave in to Defence requests. Angus Houston is to be Knighted. Are all people who have criminally assisted Commander McKibbin to be Knighted ??        

Chief Justice Tom Bathurst is unfortunately still a chief judge. Bathurst knows why his predecessor prematurely retired. Bathurst has knowingly perverted the course of justice to suit the governments own agenda and once again assist Commander Paul McKibbin cover-up the squillions he stole.

I was asked to sign documents in the NSW Supreme court stating i wouldn't write or say anything about what i know.
I refused and was destroyed. Despite an AVO against Commander Paul McKibbin i still receive hate mail and threats from him.

As Commander McKibbin says,"if you steal a hundreds of millions from the government coffers, the government will cover it up." How many senior officials does it take to assist Government bagman Commander Paul McKibbin ?

For the main part though, Australians aren't interested. It's Australia Day 2015 

Former Chief Justice Spigelman (pictured below) destroyed LAW in Australia and the way people overseas view LAW in Australia.

The killing of Australian intelligence officer Merv Jenkins by an Australian politician 

Sydney University gave corrupt Judge Spigelman Honorary Degree for corrupt services to the Legal community.

Comments on Spook Justice
  1. I have read a book and I found it to be fascinating. In discussion with so many NSW citizens who read this book also I can only say that you are one very talented writer and a great future is in front of you. Back home in Europe I will recomend this book to all my friends (and few are within judicial profession) Yes in Europe we have heard about Judge Spigelman, his approach to law and order. Australian Att general can say whatever he wish to say on national TV but Australian Law has no similarities with Switzerland Law and Order whatsoever. I found his remark offensive actually. Best wishes Agnetta
  2. Paul I have read the book, and I love it, LOVE the book. At the moment I'm in London (at home) and your book is present for my dad :)
  3. Funny, clever, interesting, entertaining, read once, than again... What to say. Like Emily, when I return to Italy 2 more copies are flying with me. One for my older brother who is solicitor, and second for my g'frind whos not - she is a waitress who loves to read. Hope we wont wait too long for the next Sharpless masterpeace. Regards, Al
  4. Love it, the book is awesome. Interesting, I realy enjoy it, a great experience, a great insight into NSW legal system.
  5. Good book. You are very gifted story teller. Your dramatic accounts of Ms Autumn achievements was a highlight of this book. We all have our fav charachters, I 'will go' with Ms Autumn any day. You owe me more of this interesting Lady in your (I hope ) next book. Yours truly, Maurice
  6. The book is well written, with easy, I would never say it took 20 years of preparation. To me it looks like it was written in one breath, one day. Things and events just flows. Paul, I like your book.
  7. Everything makes sense now, how NSW Legal System squandered millions of taxpayer dollars and dues money to enrich themselves and expand their power. And why so many decent people are on the edge of powerty. When one combine your book and the real fact of NSW legal system, everything just makes sense
    Well written, well done
  8. Interesting book, interesting characters and I do believe that here in WA you are far more popular than in NSW. Ever thought to visit WA and talk about your characters from Spook Justice? I do agree with Gentlemen above, Ms Autumn is an outstanding character. I do found Athea very interesting and strong person and would love to know whats happened with her. Actually I hope I will not need to wait another 20 years for so much pleasure :)
  9. Some characters I have recognized with easy. Concerning. Your easy way to write about 'hard staff' are your strength. looking forward for another book. Dont let me wait
  10. Very interesting book. Fiction? Wouldnt say. Theres a lot of truth in what s there. All the best
  11. Your skill to say it 'lightly' with a touch of humour kept me on the edge right till the end. I WANT MORE
    whats happened with Athea?
  12. Everything; from NSW legal & judicial corruption right to the NSW victims of crime, everything is there. It is brutal world and the brutal system but changes must take place. The hardest to fight is corruption and like in your book Australian government offer no solution for the cancer that eats this great country of yours inside out. From the outside everything shines... Great Barier Reef, Opera House, Melbourne night life and Sydneys restaurants and clubs But behind all of that is NSW with its sad state of affairs. I hope one day someone strong will come accross, take over as a PM and turn your country around. I realy hope. Book? I loved your book and would recomend to everyone
    Cole, Norway
  13. Your book exposed the balance of human ignorance and cruelty in a very unique way. Characters are original, interesting and very creative no matter what they have chosen to pursue in life. I love that the book didnt provide asnwer to everything; the second edition cant come soon enough. The book is great.
  14. As someone who went through the hands of NSW legal 'Justice' I have nothing but an admiration for you. The book is a masterpeace and one day you will receive what you deserve - recognition and fame. I wish you all the best and looking forward for your next book. Love B M
  15. Dear Mr Sharpless. I never post on webistes, but I felt compelled to say thank you.. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving the world this book

  16. I must say the book is wonderful, full of interesting charachters, twist and spins that many say is the way NSW legal system operates. I wouldnt be surprised if one day this masterpeace turn to record-breaking movie. Watch out Titanic, competion's coming :)
  17. How much violence Sharpless use? Just the right amount!
    Intelligent, well written, well presented. Congratulation.
  18. Wonderful book.
    Regards, D Waskuez
    Barcelona, Spain
  19. Like in so many countries around the world we always knew that the Faceless Man is here... I knew he was around for more than 200 years; ever present but not visible to human eye. What you did was 'humanized' the Faceless Man and his associates in this game-changing book. A brave move that I'm more than sure one day will turn to a great movie. Well done.
  20. The worst crimes are the crimes thats happening under the "To Serve And Protect" It takes you by surprise as nobody expect 'abuse and discrimination' from the people who are there to protect you from the crime and abuse. It is frightening out there, has always been, now even more than before. Lets hope that things will change with the new NSW Chief Judge. There are huge expectations from this man. I sincerely hope he'll live up to those expectation as NSW is nothing but the desparate state with desparate people living desparate lives. We need the law and order now more than ever. I am in contact with so many young people and it is frightening how many of them are gone overseas, or itend to leave just because of whats going on in our courts. I see PM Gillard as a total failure for ignoring all of this. It is truly frightening
  21. Book is cool, real cool. But for the NSW affairs...
    Nothing can save our sorry state. I was young, just graduate and full of hope. All of that is gone. I moved to London and have no intention to return to Sydney. I dont think new Chief Judge can save Sydney, theres too much bribe and corruption, too many victims walking around who will never put their lives in the NSW legal system again. At least I can speak for migrants, as I am migrant myself. NSW legal system is collapsing fast. Tragic.
  22. Good book, my husband loved it and it was birthday present for him.
  23. Interesting book, I could tell whos who, but that wouldn't be wise :)
  24. According to many, NSW Judiciary is not only one of the most corrupted legal systems in Asia, but the most corrupted one. Even your own judges think that. They are aware of the problem, they understand what must be done to restore the trust. I hope for the sake of your state future things will change. People need change, everything can fail but the Justice. About the book? I like the book. My mum as well. We wish you well
  25. This is a crime novels at its finest, I would include amongst the best 100 crime novels ever written. You have talent my man, and a future.
    Who was that person who said that you wont achieve a thing in your life? how wrong, how very wrong
  26. Excellent book. Interesting events, places and people. For the 'first-timer' you are doing well. All the best. TP
  27. Book is interesting but your website with a personal account... well its even more interesting. Your legal case was like an Innocence Project meets multiple murder meets a public corruption case. I have to say, never thought that the court of justice can do such a thing... but we live and we learn. Had some interest to travel around Australia.. not anymore. I think Australias too small for your Spigelman and me - two of us in the same country? Uh huh. Thank you but no thank you
  28. A few years ago, a Queensland man was jailed for six months for throwing a possum against a brick wall, injuring the animal but not killing it.
    And here's the kicker - Spigelman walked with fanfare from the court after he wisely decided to resign (before any investigation in his criminal activity begin) with all privileges given to decent judges who are doing their job 'by the book'. And after ALL of this NSW legal system expect from NSW citizens to RESPECT the Supreme Court?